WD2 Window Discriminator (CORNERSTONE Series)

Time/Amplitude Window Discriminator and Event Detector

The WD-2 is a versatile, inexpensive, yet easy to use tool for conveniently sorting waveforms by amplitude and time criteria, providing 5 volt digital outputs corresponding to several criteria. After a delay, the digital output goes high when the input signal enters the amplified window.
  • Patch Clamp Single Channel
  • Extracellular nerve action potentials
  • Random events that fall in amplitude window
  • Two level peak amplitude sorting
  • Amplitude sensitive trigger generator
  • Simultaneous multiplexed display of signal, window levels, and Minimum Time (TIMEMARK)
  • Minimum delay time criteria (10 µs to 100 ms)
  • Window amplitude (APERTURE) is independent of BASELINE setting (i.e., APERTURE rides on the BASELINE)
  • Small size, line operated, inexpensive
Can be used as a simple Two Level Detector:

The >BASELINE and >APERTURE output BNC's are digital levels that simply indicate signal greater than each of the two levels. They are not affected by MINIMUMTIME, and both can be high if signal exceeds both levels.

Can be used as an Amplitude Window Discriminator with Time Delay before acceptance:

The ACCEPT output BNC only goes high when the INPUT signal exceeds the BASELINE and the MINIMUMTIME, and does not exceed the APERTURE. The MIMIMUMTIME feature eliminates the acceptance of slowly rising signals that will eventually exceed the upper window level (APERTURE), or slowly falling signals going back through the APERTURE. (see examples on rear of data sheet)


  • Impedance: 1 Megohm
  • Range: +/- 10v
  • Gain: X1 or X10
  • Polarity: NORMAL or INVERT
  • Bandwidth: DC to 100 KHz


Bottom of window (BASELINE): -10 to +10v, ten turn readout pot.Top of window (APERTURE): -10 to +10v, ten turn readout pot.Time before acceptance (MINIMUMTIME): 10µs to 100 ms max. (one turn 1ms potentiomemter and X1, X10, X100 range switch)

Display Output:

Multiplexes together BASELINE, APERTURE, and INPUT signals for one channel oscilloscope display (600õ output)

Digital Outputs:(all logic low <2v, high 3 to 5v, source or sink 5 mA)
  • >BASELINE: high for signals that exceed BASELINE level
  • >APERTURE: high for signals that exceed the top of the APERTURElevel
  • ACCEPT: high for signals that exceed BASELINE level and MINIMUMTIME, but is less than APERTURE level (i.e., full in window for greater than MINIMUMTIME)
  • TRIGGER: same as ACCEPT only 100 µs long high pulse that starts when ACCEPT starts  

Disable Input:ACCEPTis forced low when DISABLE is high (>3v, 22K input impedance)  


115v/230v 50/60 Hz 10 watts

 WD2 Window Discriminator (one channel) (115/230 VAC) $1,370.00

Warning: This equipment is not intended for use in human applications or human experimentation.

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