Valve Mate-2 Solenoid Controller (CORNERSTONE Series)


The Valve Mate - 2 is a two channel perfusion controller supplied with two miniature solenoid valves mounted on a 1/4" Dia. 4" long mounting rod. Each valve is wired with a ten foot cable that attaches to the front panel of the controller. Each channel can operate independently by the front panel switch or from an external source via back panel external TTL input. The B channel can also run in a "SLAVE" mode. In the slave mode the B valve is controlled by the A Channel. When A valve is active B valve is off and when A valve is off B valve is active. This allows both valves to be operated by a single digital input.


  • External input - Back panel mounted BNC. TTL high (+5V) activates Valve when in EXT. mode.
  • Valve Power - 12VDC 490 milliwatts.
  • Wetted Materials - Teflon
  • Port Diameter. -.054"
  • Internal Volume - 99 microliter
  • Switching Time - 1.5 milliseconds

 Valve Mate-2 Two miniature three way solenoid valves and Two Channel Controller (includes power supply: 115VAC only) $ 990.00
 PS-1 upgrade Line operated Power Supply required for 230VAC Upgrade add $ 195.00

Warning: This equipment is not intended for use in human applications or human experimentation.

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