S-940/S-910 Computer Driven SIU (CORNERSTONE Series)

S-940 Interface Adapter & S-910 Stimulus Isolation Unit

with Analog Input

Can be used with Computer Analog Output channel on Computer-based Stimulators

The S-940 Adapter allows you to drive the popular Dagan S-910 Stimulus Isolation Unit (SIU) from any signal source (typically a computer) rather than from the Dagan S-900 Stimulator. Input range is + 10 volts for full S-910 output. For line power, please specify 115 or 230 VAC (50/60 Hz). Both S-910 and S-940 as a System $ 1,110.00

 S-915 Biphasic Adapter for use with any S-900 / S-910 SIU combination (shown in photo above as the smallest of the three boxes). The S-915 Adapter is a small box (1.1" x 1.3" x 2.2") that connects to the S-910 and the S-900 rear panel for power and synchronization. It has two modes of operation:

  • Alternate Pulse Biphasic
  • - Every other pulse is reversed in polarity by a relay mounted inside of the S-915.
  • Capacitive Biphasic
  • - The S-910 output is capacitively coupled to the preparation to produce a differentiated biphasic pulse.


100v/10mA Stimulus Isolation unit

$ 550.00


Adapter to drive S-910 from 10 volts from computer.

$ 560.00


Adapter to convert S-910 to every other pulse Biphasic. (note: must be used with S-900 for every other pulse feature)

$ 295.00

 Other Simulators: S-900 (single channel, front panel controlled)

Warning: This equipment is not intended for use in human applications or human experimentation.

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