RCB-13 Bilayer Recording Chamber
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The RCB-13 (PVC) and RCB-13T (thermally conductive plastic) are general purpose chambers for the study of lipid bilayers in both ambient and temperature controlled conditions.

Temperature control is possible by using the RCB-13T in conjunction with a Dagan Temperature Controller, and HE-104R or HE-204.
The cuvettes are machined from Delrin for both chamber configurations and are standard with a 0.01 " diameter aperture. Other aperture sizes are available.



Bilayer Recording Chamber (PVC) w/ Delrin cuvette.



Bilayer Recording Chamber (Thermally Conductive Plastic) with Delrin cuvette.



Spare Delrin cuvette.



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Links to Temperature Controllers for use with the RCB-13T Thermally Conductive Chamber:


Warning: This equipment is not intended for use in human applications or human experimentation.

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