DAGAN Online Products Catalog

Patch Clamps
  • PC-ONE Patch/Whole Cell Clamp (low cost)
  • BVC-700A Whole Cell Clamp (High speed Bridge current clamp)
  • CHEM-CLAMP Voltammetric and Amperometric Amplifier

Two Electrode Clamps

Extracellular Preamps

  • 2400A Extracellular Preamplifier (recently updated)
  • EX4-400 Quad Channel Differential Amplifier
  • EX1 Single Channel Differential Amplifiers
  • EX-1000 10 Channel Extracellular Pre-Amplifier
  • AMP-8 8 Channel Pre-Amplifier
  • 8024 Extracellular Adapter

Intracellular Preamps

  • BVC-700 Bridge & Voltage Clamp Amplifier
  • IX2-700 Dual Intracellular Preamplifier
  • IX1 One Channel Intracellular Amplifier
  • Extracellular Adapter 8024
  • Universal Buzz Box BUZ-1

Stimulators and Isolators

Iontophoresis Generators

  • 6400Advanced High Voltage Iontophoresis Current Generator (six channel) 
  • ION-100 Single Channel Iontophoresis Current Generator

Optical detector system for evoked events and calcium detection

Heating Bath Temperature Controllers

Heating/Cooling Bath Temperature Controllers

  • HCC-100A High Performance Temperature Controller
  • TC-10 Temperature Controller (low cost)
  • Heating/Cooling Thermal Stages HE-200 Series

 Recording Chambers

  • RCP-6 Linear Flow Perfusion; Polycarbonate and Thermally Conductive
  • ICP-25T  and ICP-12T Imaging Perfusion Chambers, Thermally Conductive
  • RCP-10 Perfusion; Polycarbonate and Thermally Conductive
  • RCP-25T Perfusion, Thermally Conductive (27mm Dia. work area)

Perfusion Controllers

Pressure Injectors

  • PMI-100 Pressure Micro Injector (low cost)
  • PMI-200 Pressure Micro Injector with backing pressure

Signal Processing

  • HumBug noise filter
  • WD2 Window Discriminator
  • TEC-1 Timed Event Counter
  • AM-2 Audio Monitor

Electrodes/Pipette Glass/Holders/Pullers/Cutter

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