Low Noise Carbon-Fiber Microelectrodes

The ProCFE is a polypropylene-insulated carbon-fiber microelectrode used in the detection and localization of oxidizable or reducible analytes. It is sufficiently noise-free and fast to record quantal secretion from single cells. The ProCFE electrodes are designed for sensitive low noise monitoring of single cell secretion in-vitro; the ProCFEs are composed of a 5-micrometer* carbon fiber and a unique polypropylene insulation. The innovative fabrication produces a very thin insulation, which aids in visual positioning, and yields very low-noise and high-speed electrodes.

Low Noise, high sensitivity (see recordings below)

Use with any standard Patch Clamp such as Dagan 3900A or PC-ONE

Low Cost! Each electrode can be used 5 to 10 or more times

Plugs into standard Patch Clamp Electrode Holders (Dagan HB-180)



Dagan ProCFEs or Paint type CFEs:

Recently, Paint type CFEs have become commercially available. The manufacturer has claims of improved noise, stability, and life span over Polypropylene type electrodes such as Dagan's ProCFEs. The reality is that the noise levels of the best paint CFEs (with 50 um or less tip length) can only approach the low noise level of the Dagan ProCFEs. Normally, for multiple usage, Paint type CFEs have much longer tips (hundreds of micrometers) than ProCFEs (50 um or less). The longer tips cause noise levels to be considerably larger than the Dagan ProCFEs.

Inherent problems with Paint type CFEs

1) Mechanical unstable: (the long tip moves due to micro temperature changes) and may kill cells; Dagan ProCFEs are much more stable, and can be used in the whole physiology temperature range (0 to 37 C).

2) The paint isolation dissolves gradually in the bath solution during experiments. This will increase the noise and reduce sensitivity greatly. In principle, the CFE is dead after paint isolation dissolved by bath solution even partially. Dagan ProCFEs are just fine in the bath for even days.

3) Cost: The paint type CFEs are much more costly than the Dagan ProCFEs.

Thus, the long tip of Paint type CFEs may be cut back more times, but the long tip has high noise and is mechanically unstable. In fact this is the reason why the Dagan ProCFE has only a 50 um tip length. The ProCFEs are also 2-1/2 times less expensive then the Paint style CFEs making then more cost effective.


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Instructions for Using the ProCFE microelectrode

New Amplifier for Voltametric or Amperometric Investigations

The ProCFE Carbon fiber Electrodes are Ideally suited for Dagan's New CHEM-CLAMP  Voltammeter/Amperometer amplifier.

Carbon fiber electrodes can also be used with a standard Patch Clamp such as Dagan 3900A or PC-ONE


The ProCFE electrodes are not manufactured or warranted by Dagan Corporation.  The warranty is at the manufacturer's discretion. Typically, there are a total of less than five percent manufacturing errors (including broken electrodes due to shipping).

ProCFE96 (Box of 96 Electrodes): Email Dagan for Pricing and Availability

Warranty is the responsibility of the manufacturer (not Dagan) and any returns are subject to their approval

Warning: This equipment is not intended for use in human applications or human experimentation.

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