PMI-200 Pressure Injection System (CORNERSTONE Series)

with VACUUM Pipette Filling

Air pressure micro injection of substances into cells (such as Oocytes) or extracellular space (pressure Iontophoresis)


The PMI-200 is a self-contained, rack mountable cellular injection system for use with an external source of air. Repeatable pressure and precise timing enable the injection of accurate amounts of material injection into cell after cell, an ideal Oocyte Injection system. The 15 PSI injection range is particularly useful for small, precise volume injections.

To prevent backfilling of the pipette when Injection is not taking place, a second pressure regulator is available to set to a RETAIN or Hold pressure.

The inclusion of the unique VACUUM FILL pathway allows you to easily fill pipettes.

The PMI-200 is designed to provide all the capabilities needed for pressure micro injection from picoliters to milliliters with precise pressure and time regulation.but at a price every lab can afford.


Injection Timing:
  • X1: 10ms to 2.99 seconds
  • X10: 100ms to 29.9 seconds
  • X100: 1 sec to 299 seconds
 Output Port:
  • LUER fitting (mate supplied) with 1/16" barb
Injection Initiation:
  • Front panel INJECT switch or external foot switch (optional)
 Air Input:
  • 1/4" NPT male (150 PSI maximum) (female 1/4" NPT to 1/8" barb adapter available)
Injection Range:
  • Standard 100 PSI, optional 15 or 30 PSI ranges
  • 3-1/2" high, 10" deep, 17" wide with removable rack handles (supplied) for 19" rack mounting
Retain Range:
  • Standard 15PSI, optional 30 or 100 PSI ranges
  • 115 VAC(or specify 230VAC) 50/60 Hz, 10 watts
 Vacuum Fill:
  • Internal vacuum generator sucks in material to fill the pipette

(100 PSI standard: specify if you would like the 15 or 30 PSI Injection range)

PMI-200 Pressure Injection System (100 PSI standard) $1,980.00
FS-1 Foot Switch (with 8-foot BNC cable for INJECT) $90.00
PH-1.8 Plastic pipette holder for 1.5 to 1.8mm glass with 1.2mm pressure port and 100mm, 4.75mm (3/16") dia. plastic mounting rod. (can be bored out for 2.0mm glass) $110.00
OH-18 Polyurethane output hose (1/16"ID) with 0.04" adapter to mate with port on pipette holder(8' length) Silicone rubber (1mm) and Teflon or Polyethylene (1/16") also available $14.00

Download the Manual (PDF)

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Warning: This equipment is not intended for use in human applications or human experimentation.

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