PCS Perfusion Control System (CORNERSTONE Series)

The PCS-110 Perfusion Controller is designed to handle two parallel sets of perfusion solutions, one of which flows into the experimental chamber while the other flows to waste. To satisfy temperature control requirements, the design allows both solutions to be flowing constantly. Another advantage of this arrangement is that the pressure transients are minimized when the solutions are switched. The A/B Toggle switch controls which of the two solutions flows into the experimental chamber and which flows to waste. Two solenoid valves controlled by the A/B Toggle switch direct the solutions to the bath or waste. To provide the capability of handling many solutions at once, the perfusion controller is connected on the A side to a six-to-one solenoid valve, and on the B side to a four-to-one solenoid valve. With this arrangement up to ten solutions can be handled by the controller, with any one of the ten being directed to the experimental chamber. LED's indicate which valve is active (open) and the A/B Toggle indicates which side (A or B) is flowing into the experimental chamber. Toggle switches are used to select the valves to open on the A and B sides and also provide the option of closing all valves.

Once the valves are activated, the PCS-110 provides a low holding voltage to maintain the energized state. This reduces power dissipation, and prevents the valves from over-heating.

When switches are in the EXT position, the solenoid valves can be operated from a computer (or other external source) via a back panel DB-25 connector. Each valve is independently operated using a TTL signal on the appropriate pin of this connector.

Also available: PCS-108(Eight Channel Model) and PCS-112(Twelve Channel Model)

PCS-112 Perfusion Control System (Includes Teflon solenoid valves: (2) three-way, (2) six-to-one) contact Dagan
PCS-110 Perfusion Control System (Includes Teflon solenoid valves: (2) three-way, (1) four-to-one, (1) six-to-one) contack Dagan
PCS-112 Perfusion Controller Only (no valves included) $1,130.00
PCS-110 Perfusion Controller Only (no valves included) $ 1,050.00

Warning: This equipment is not intended for use in human applications or human experimentation.

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