PC-ONE Patch/Whole Cell Clamp (CORNERSTONE Series)

(with optional headstages for Bilayer and Voltammetry)


  • Easy to Use, Very Cost Effective 
  • Low Noise, High Speed 
  • Can do Patch or Whole Cell with optional Dual Range PC-ONE-60 Remote Switchable Headstage 
  • Built in Leakage Subtraction 
  • Offsets up to +/-300mV 
  • 3-1/2 Digit LCD Panel Meter 
  • Telegraphs for GAIN and FILTER 
  • Eight Output Gains 
  • Auto Zero with SEARCH and HOLD capability 
  • Two Value Test Generator for pipette and seal resistance 
  • Unfiltered and Filtered Im Outputs 
  • Five position 3-pole Low Pass Bessel Filter 
  • 10 Megohm Headstage for Large Whole Cells 
  • Popular 50:1 and 10:1 Command Inputs 
  • Voltage/Current or Zero Current Mode from External Control 


The PC-ONE accepts SEVEN types of Headstages to give you the EXACT Headstage for your Application:
  • Large Whole Cell, 10 Megohm , (to 1000nA) (Model # PC-ONE-10) 
  • Patch, 10 Gigohm, (to 1nA) (Model #PC-ONE-40)  
  • Whole Cell, 100 Megohm, (to 100nA) (Model #PC-ONE-20) 
  • Bilayer, 10 Gigohm, (Model #PC-ONE-50) 
  • Small Whole Cell, 1 Gigohm, (to 10nA) (Model #PC-ONE-30) 
  • Whole Cell/Patch, 100Megohm/10Gigohm Dual Range, (Model #PC-ONE-60) 
  • Voltammetry, 2 volt Command for (10Megohm through 10 Gigohm)(Model #PC-ONE-70) 



 The PC-ONE is a real workhorse Patch Clamp, designed to be easy to use and very cost effective yet offer a wide range of capabilities for any research laboratory


Cell Attached (Single Channel) Patch Clamping The 10Gigohm standard Headstage (PC-ONE-40) or the optional Dual Range Headstage (PC-ONE-60) allow for low noise (0.30pA rms) recording. Ease of use was paramount with the PC-ONE design team. The PC-ONE is equipped with the standard "Auto Zero" or HOLD Junction Potential Correction as well as a continuous SEARCH capability. The FILTER has five ranges suitable for all modes of operation. An optional 4-pole Bessel filter is also available (Model FL-4).
Planar Lipid Bilayer Recording A special Bilayer headstage (10Gigohm feedback resistor) not only allows applications to 500pF Bilayers, but it also allows you to "short" the Bilayer during the onset of a step command to "quick charge" the Bilayer capacitance. A unique 10Gigohm (Bilayer) position on the Headstage Selector switch modifies the Capacitance Compensation from the normal 10pF Patch application to the 500pF Bilayer application.
Easy Computer Interfacing The PC-ONE rear panel has a 15-pin connector that easily unplugs, breaking Input/Output connections (optional I/O cable). Thus if desired Im, FILTERED Im, Vm and Vtot can be disconnected very conveniently. The rear panel also contains the headstage connector, chassis/circuit ground jacks, Buz-1, Speed Test Input BNC, Test SYNCBNC, Gain and Filter Telegraph BNC's, and the power cord interlock
Voltammetry (Electrochemical) Applications A special headstage with a +/-2 volt command range allows the PC-ONE to "voltage clamp"a carbon-fiber electrode so that extracellular concentrations of various neurotransmitters can be measured at any specified oxidation/reduction potential. Headstages can be specified with 10 Megohm, 100 Megohm, 1 Gigohm or 10 Gigohm feedback sensing resistors (i.e., 1000nA down to 1nA full scale sensitivities).
Easy Mode Control Selectable Voltage Clamping and both Current Clamping with Command or Zero Command (protects cells when changing modes). A connector on the rear panel allows external computer control of modes. Two LED's indicate the mode selected


Whole Cell Voltage and Current Clamping The PC-ONE handles three ranges of whole cell headstages for currents up to 1000nA (10 Megohm feedback). Standard LEAKAGE subtraction/compensation allows you to quickly adjust for leak errors on-line during an experiment.

Specifications ...

  • Noise: (PC-ONE-40 10Gigohm headstage)1.0kHz Bandwidth, 0.06pArms; 3.0kHz Bandwidth, 0.10pArms;5.0kHz Bandwidth, 0.16pArms; 10kHz Bandwidth, 0.30pArms 
  • Capacity Compensation: Fast: 0 to 1µs, Slow 0 to 1ms (Patch) 
  • Cap Comp Range:10pF Patch; 100pF Whole Cell; 500pF Bilayer 
  • Series Resistance Compensation: 0 to 100Mohm, ten turn dial (all whole cell ranges) 
  • Filter:100, 300, 1K, 3K, 10kHz Low Pass Bessel Filter (3 pole) 
  • Gain: .1, .2, .5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 amplification (b)of Im signal with headstage scale factor (a) of 0.1, 1, 10, 100 for sensitivities up to 2,000mV/pA (Patch) (Scale factor (a) is shown on convenient LED's next to the GAIN switch) 
  • Junction Potential Correction: (3 types, all +300mV) Manual-ten turn control; Search- continuously corrects potential with a slow "attack" time; Hold- correction potential only when UPDATE switch is pushed 
  • TEST Commands:TESTswitch with 0.2mV and 20mVpositions for pipette and seal resistance forming seal (2pA and 200pA Current Clamp) 
  • Holding Potential Command:+200mV ten turn control with ON/OFFswitch (+2nA Current Clamp) 
  • Headstage Dimensions: 7.7cm (2.2") x 3.5cm (1.3") x 2.8cm (1.1"); detachable mounting rod is 0.62cm (1/4") diameter by 7.6cm (3")long. Cable length is 1.8m (6') 
  • Mainframe Dimensions: 9cm (3-1/2") high, 48cm (19") wide, 25cm (10")deep. Supplied with rack mounting hardware 
  • Step Command Input: 50:1 (i.e., 10 volts gives 200mV) industry standard, and 10:1 with center OFF (10Kohm input, 10 volts max) (5V/nA or 1V/nA Current Clamp) 
  • High Frequency Boost: Automatic with no need for confusing ON/OFFswitch 
  • Panel Meter: 3-1/2 digit LCD with 5 functions and automatic decimal point 
  • COMD IN - the command at the command input (1999mV) 
  • Vhold - the holding potential (1999mV) 
  • Vtot comd - the total of all commands presented to the pipette (1999mV) 
  • Vm - the membrane voltage (1999mV) 
  • Im - the membrane current before processing: 199.9pA 10Gigohm headstage; 19.99pA100Megohm headstage 
  • Computer Telegraph BNCOutputs: GAINand FILTER, analog 0.4 volts per step 
  • External Mode Select: From Izero Mode, 5 volt CMOS input allows either Vclamp or Iclamp selection via I/O15-pin connector 
  • Membrane Current (Im) Output: 
  • Im: Unfiltered, Im signal. Sensitivity=(a)(b)mV/pA (used to record data unfiltered) 
  • FILTERED Im: Filtered Im signal. Sensitivity (a)(b)mV/pA (used to view data) 
  • Sample & Hold Option: TTL activated Sample & Hold on Im path via back panel BNC 
  • Electrode Holder: (order separately) Low noise polycarbonate with 1mm pressure port and BNC sized (ie., industry standard) end.  HB180- accepts glass 1.0 to 1.8mm OD (silver wire internal) 
  • Power: 100/115 or 230 VAC 50/60 Hz (15 watts) (specify voltage) 



 Headstages Feedback Resistance Current Range Application
 10 Megohm
Large Whole Cell
Standard Whole Cell
 1 Gigohm
Small Whole Cell
 10 Gigohm
Extracellular Patch (also called Single Channel or Cell Attached)
 10 Gigohm/shorted
Bilayer (Quick Charge)
Remote Control Dual Range Whole Cell and Patch
100 Megohm  
Voltammetry (2Vcommand)
 *PC-ONE-20 is supplied if no headstage is specified



BUZ-1 Cell Rupture Accessory: Complete control over Duration, Amplitude and Frequency of oscillation · Front panel start switch or optional external foot switch · AC oscillation or DC current · All necessary connections through one DB9 connector to PC-ONE back panel. 

Other Useful Accessories: I/OCable; Prism Pipette Glass; FL-4 Filter; Zeitz Pipette Puller;

Download the Manual (PDF)

To view an application example showing the improved results obtained when a temperature controller is used in conjunction with a voltage clamp experiment, click here

PC-ONE Includes PC-ONE with one headstage (specify PC-ONE-10, -20, -30, -40*, or -70 Headstage) Order pipette holder separately.
PC-ONE-B Includes PC-ONE with the PC-ONE-50 Bilayer Headstage.
PC-ONE-D Includes PC-ONE with the PC-ONE-60 Dual Range Headstage.
Headstage Probes
PC-ONE-10 10M, Large Whole Cell, 1000nA range
$ 840.00
PC-ONE-20* 100M, Standard Whole Cell, 100nA range (standard headstage)
$ 840.00
PC-ONE-30 1G, Small Whole Cell, 10nA range
$ 840.00
PC-ONE-40 10G, Extracellular Patch (Single Channel), 1nA range
$ 840.00
PC-ONE-50 10G/short, Bilayer, 1nA/shorted range
$ 1,280.00
PC-ONE-60 100M/10G, Remote Control Dual Range Whole Cell and Patch, 100/1nA range
$ 1,280.00
PC-ONE-70 100M, Voltammetry, 100nA range
$ 840.00
PC-ONE-80 Loose Patch Headstage
$ 1,580.00
* PC-ONE-20 is supplied if no headstage is specified
PC-ONE-90 I/O Cable
$ 90.00
HB180 Universal Pipette Holder for use with 1.0 to 1.8mm (OD) glass
BUZ-1 Universal Buzz Box (see BUZ-1 data sheet link for details)
 $ 490.00



Other Patch Clamps:
  • BVC-700A (high speed current clamp, V clamp mode for seal test, moderately priced) 

Warning: This equipment is not intended for use in human applications or human experimentation.

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