HCC-100A Temperature Controller (CORNERSTONE Series)

High Power (80 watts), Low Noise, Heating & Cooling

A Microscope Stage Temperature Controller for the Study of.........


Recording Chamber options:

  • Standard 35mm disposable Petri dish
  • Cover Slip/Glass slide
  • Cut-Open Oocyte Clamp Chamber
  • RCP-6T (Linear Flow 6mm x 17mm Perfusion Chamber)
  • RCP-10T (Perfusion Chamber with 10mm round working area)
  • ICP-25T (Perfusion Imaging Chamber)
  • RCB-13T (Bilayer Chamber)

Thermal Stage options:

HE-200 Series Thermal Stages

Drops into microscope stage with custom adapter plates. Ideal for inverted optics microscopes.

  • HE-201 35mm Petri Dish
  • HE-204 Perfusion and Bilayer recording chambers

A Microscope Stage Temperature Controller for the Study of Whole-cell or Single channel current Tissue culture/brain slice preparations. The development of whole-cell and single channel recording technique has made kinetic studies of ion channels possible in a wide variety of preparations. There preparations are usually studied in a chamber that is mounted on the stage of a microscope where high quality optics are required to manipulate recording pipettes near the cell membrane. Thus, the study of time-dependent phenomena (like channel kinetics) requires control of the bath temperature without interfering with the microscope optics and without introducing electrical noise into the recording environment. In some cases, it is useful to study channel kinetics at different temperatures, since the transition rates governing conformational changes have both enthalpic and entropic components, and it may be of interest as to how the temperature dependence of those components varies with membrane potential. In other cases, the temperature dependence of ion channel kinetics may be large enough to significantly increase the variance of data at different "ambient" temperatures. The HCC-100 Temperature Controller and HE-Series Thermal Stages have excellent temperature regulation and low noise characteristics and can be mounted on a microscope stage. The system offers several advantages over other commercially available microscope stage temperature controllers and can be easily modified for a variety of microscopes and physiological preparations. While control of bath temperature is crucial for biophysical studies of channel properties, a similar ability to regulate the bath temperature is also useful to neurobiologists who work with tissue-culture preparations.


To view an application example showing the improved results obtained when a temperature controller is used in conjunction with a voltage clamp experiment,

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Temperature Controller



Spare thermistor on 2 meter cable with connector


HE-Series Thermal Stages
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HE-200 Series

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Other Temperature Controllers:


Warning: This equipment is not intended for use in human applications or human experimentation.

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