EX-1 and EX4-400 AUTO ZERO OFFSET Option


The Auto Zero Offset is a tracking integrator. In the SEARCH mode the tracking integrator is continuously updating, keeping the output DC offset at zero. In the HOLD mode the Auto Zero Offset is only updated when ether the Update push switch is pressed or when +5 Volts is applied to the update BNC. The Auto Zero Offset samples the DC offset at the Output BNC and generates a voltage to return the Output BNC back to zero volts (ie., just as the manual offset control does). The OFF mode of the Auto Zero Offset both turns off and resets it's value to zero. The Auto Zero Offset functions in all modes of the EX-1 or EX-4 amplifier DC, AC, and DC/OFFSET, but is normally used only in the DC or DC/OFFSET modes. When using in the DC/OFFSET mode note that the manual and auto offsets can work against each other limiting the normal 10 volt offset range.



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Warning: This equipment is not intended for use in human applications or human experimentation.

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