CELL CLAMP 2 Two Electrode Voltage Clamp


"The Ideal Clamp for Teaching Labs"

The CELL CLAMP 2 is an ideal low cost solution for two electrode voltage clamping where multiple setups are required. The CELL CLAMP 2 comes complete with 2 passive "pencil" probes and a virtual current monitor "bath" cable. Applications include teaching labs, oocyte-screening setups, or any setup where the higher speed of active headstages are not required. The typical setup would include 1 power supply and up to 5 CELL CLAMP 2's.




V Hold:

+/- 200 mV Ten Turn Control


20mV/V Back Panel BNC


X10 VI:

Back Panel BNC

X10 VR:

Back Panel BNC

Im Raw:

Unfiltered mV/nA back panel BNC scaled by front panel Im Gain switch

Im Filtered:

Filtered mV/nA back panel BNC scaled by front panel Im Gain switch


To view an application example showing the improved results obtained when a temperature controller is used in conjunction with a voltage clamp experiment, click here.

Cell Clamp 2

Complete with two passive "Pencil" probes, +/-130volt compliance



130volt Power Supply (operates up to 5 units)



Optional Bath Clamp, Virtual Current Monitor Headstage


HB-180 Pipette Holder (two required) Holders

Download the Manual (PDF)

 Other Two Electrode Voltage Clamps:

  • CA-1B (very high speed, low noise, true Cm compensation)
  • TEV-200A (many features at a moderate cost)

Warning: This equipment is not intended for use in human applications or human experimentation.

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