BUZ-1 Universal Buzz Box

Cell Impaler Accessory (for any Intracellular Amplifier)



The BUZ-1 is inserted in between the headstage of an intracellular preamplifier and the mainframe. The BUZ-1 uses a relay to break the connection to the headstage capacitance compensation capacitor and the current inject resistor (or amplifier and resistor) and connects them to the circuitry in the BUZ-1 box. The BUZ-1 gets its power from the main preamplifier mainframe.

A two foot long cable (DB-15 connector) attaches to the headstage connector on the preamplifier mainframe. This connector mates with Dagan Model TEV-200, IX2-700, and IX1 preamplifiers directly. An adapter with a round 9 pin AMP connector is available separately for the Dagan Model 8100-1 and 8700 preamplifiers. (For other amplifiers, please contact factory). The rear panel of the BUZ-1 has a DB-15 jack to mate with Dagan headstages (for the TEV-200, IX2-700 and IX1).

BUZ-1 Rupture Generator to be used in line with headstage of intracellular/extracellular amplifier (Specify amplifier to be used with) $490.00
 BUZ-ADPT Set of 2 cables to adapt BUZ-1 DB-15 connectors to AMP 9-pin connectors used on 8100-1 & 8700 preamplifiers  $90.00
 BUZ-FT Optional Foot Pedal Start Switch  $90.00
See the Holders and Accesories section for HB-180 holder

Warning: This equipment is not intended for use in human applications or human experimentation.

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