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Biphasic Stimulus Isolator

Analog Input - Analog output

Can be used with Computer Analog Output channel on Computer-based Stimulators

The BSI-950 was designed as a full function, biphasic, affordable, analog input analog output stimulus isolation unit for use externally generated analog stimulation signals. The AC powered input stages are photo isolated from the battery-powered output stage. This device is capable of producing biphasic current and voltage stimulation.

Unique threshold input circuit eliminates damaging leakage currents

Analog input signal must exceed +/- 15mV for output current. This eliminates damaging leakage currents caused by small offsets on data acquisition system.


· Input: Analog input +/-10 Volts. 10 Volt input equals full range output.

· Output Current-ranges; +/-.05 mA, +/-.1mA, +/-.5mA +/-1 mA, +/-5mA and +/-l0mA full scale ranges.

· Output Voltage ranges; +/-.5 volt, +/-1 volt, +/-5 volt, +/-10 volt, +/-50 volt, and +/-100 volt full scale ranges.

· Linearity- < 1% deviation over entire output range

· Rise and Fall times- 8 microseconds, 1mA through 10Kilohm load

· Source resistance in voltage mode-10Kilohm, 1% tolerance

· Dimensions- 2.7" high x 7.5" wide x 9.7" deep

· External AC power supply for input stages· Isolated output power source- Uses inexpensive readily available 9-volt transistor batteries (24).


BSI-950 100v/10mA Biphasic Stimulus Isolation unit with (115VAC) external power supply $1,380.00
PS-1 upgrade Line operated power supply required for 230 VAC Add $195.00

Download the Manual (PDF)

Warning: This equipment is not intended for use in human applications or human experimentation.

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