16-30Model No. ML880

The PowerLab 16/30 is a high-performance data acquisition system suitable for a wide range of research applications that require up to 16 input channels. Typical applications include human and animal physiology, pharmacology, neurophysiology, biology, zoology, biochemistry, and biomedical engineering.

The unit is capable of recording at speeds of up to 400 000 samples per second continuously to disk, and is compatible with instruments, signal conditioners and transducers carried by ADInstruments, as well as many other brands.

In addition to standard single-ended BNC inputs, the PowerLab 16/30 features 4 differential Pod ports that allow for direct connection of Pod signal conditioners and appropriate transducers.

The PowerLab 16/30 features:
The PowerLab 16/30 is shipped with PowerLab software (Chart and Scope) and associated manuals and cables.

Can be rack mounted using a MLA190 Rack Adapter.

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Warning: This equipment is not intended for use in human applications or human experimentation

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