ICP-25T and ICP12T

Perfusion Imaging Chambers



The ICP-25T and ICP12T are an environmentally sealed perfusion-imaging chambers. The chamber is sealed between two 25mm (12mm) cover slips. The silicon rubber sealing ring provides the walls of the chamber as well as the seal to the coverslips.

Temperature Controllable

They are ideal for temperature controlled applications. The bottom (Chamber Body) and the top (Sealing Plate) are both made of thermally conductive anodized aluminum. The Chamber foot print fits exactly into Dagan temperature controlled thermal stages (HE-104R or HE-204). Follow these links to view the entire product line of Dagan Temperature Controllers HCC-100A, DTC-200, TC-10


  • CHAMBER BODY (bottom): Anodized Aluminum,
  • optical bottom hole 12.8mm (25T), or 6.4mm (12T)
  • Silicon Rubber; Standard 2mm and 3mm thickness' provided, can be supplied blank (no hole) or with 12.8mm (25T) or, 6.4mm (12T) hole.
  • 25mm round (25T) (two # 1 ), or 12mm round (12T)
  • SEALING PLATE (top):
  • Anodized Aluminum
  • 18 gage stainless steel port
  • 18 gage stainless steel port.
  • 50.8mm x 34.9mm
  • Typically 2 to 3 mm (Distance between top and bottom cover slips). This distance is determined by the thickness of the sealing ring. Several sealing rings are supplied in the range of 2 to 3mm. Sealing rings as thin as 1mm are available upon special request.


ICP-25T or

Sealed Perfusion Imaging Chamber- Thermally Conductive

$ 490.00


Links to other Dagan Chambers:

  • RCP-10 (Perfusion Chamber with10mm round working area)
  • RCP-6 (Linear Flow Small Volume Perfusion Chamber)
  • RCB-13 (Bilayer Chamber)

Links to Temperature Controllers for use with the RCP-6T Thermally Conductive Chamber:

Thermal Stage options for ICP-25T:

HE-100 Series Thermal Stages

General purpose; placed on top of microscope stage. Used for both upright and inverted microscopes.

  • HE-101 Petri Dish or Cover Slip
  • HE-102 Perfusion Thermal Bath
  • HE-104 Perfusion and Bilayer recording chambers

HE-200 Series Thermal Stages

Drops into microscope stage with custom adapter plates. Ideal for inverted optics microscopes.

  • HE-201 35mm Petri Dish
  • HE-204 Perfusion and Bilayer recording chambers


Warning: This equipment is not intended for use in human applications or human experimentation.

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