HighVoltage - Six Channel

Micro-Iontophoresis Current Generator


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The new Dagan 6400Advanced is a system, which consists of six fully programmable High Voltage constant current generators for use with single or multi barrel microelectrodes. Without the need of any batteries, precise iontophoretic drug ejection is accomplished by passing controlled constant currents through the drug carrying electrodes.


  • High Compliance Voltage (+135Volts)
  • Electrode Resistance Test
  • Programmable Timer
  • 7th Sum Channel
  • +
  • 1000nA range
  • Electrode Blocking indicators

Current Monitoring

The 6400Advanced measures the ACTUAL current passing through the electrode barrel (rather than the expected current), and displays the current in nA's on the digital read out monitor. The output current can also be monitor via a back panel BNC. Each channel also has a monitor LED that alerts the operator of electrode "BLOCKING" (microelectrode failure to pass current).

Time Programming

The 6400Advanced includes the versatile AUTO SEQUENCE PULSER which switches any or all channels into the eject mode sequentially for the duration of its independently preset drug ejection time with a common interval time between channels. Each channel can also be independently operated via the front panel controls or an external digital control. Combinations of these are also possible.


Current Source Parameters

Compliance voltage

270 V peak to peak

Current Range


Two Ranges; +/-100nA & +/-1000nA


+/- 100nA

Maximum electrode resistance

See Table.

Maximum Electrode Resistance




1.35 Gig Ohm


135 Meg Ohm

Current Programming

Front Panel


Selectable Positive or Negative 100nA/1000nA one-turn control. Scaled by Range switch.


Selectable Positive or Negative 100nA one-turn control.


100 nA/Volt, rear panel inputs. Maximum input 10 volts (1000nA Command).



Current Mode

Displays the Actual Measured Current of the selected Channel. +/-1000 nA range.

Z Test Mode

Displays the Actual Measured Electrode Resistance of the selected Channel. 1999 Meg Ohms range.

Sum Channel

7th Channel, supplying a current equal in magnitude but opposite in sign to the sum of the currents in the six channels (1000nA range).




7.0" high, 19.0" wide, 10.0" deep. (17.7x48.3x25 mm)


Pencil Probe; 0.5" Diameter, 4" Long , Ten Foot Cable

Power Requirements

100 to 115 or 200 to 230 VAC (selectable with internal switch), 50 or 60 Hz, 20 W.

6400 Advanced

High Voltage Programmable Six Channel Micro-Iontophoresis Current Generator with probe cable and output connectors. Includes 7th SUM Channel and Electrode Resistance Test (formerly U & Z Options)


6400E,  6400 with E option for external power supply (reduced line noise 50/60 Hz pickup) $390.00
6410A    Replacement Probe cable with matching connector $385.00
6415A   Eight pin connector that mates with probe cable  (set of three) $35.00

Download the Manual (PDF)

Warning: This equipment is not intended for use in human applications or human experimentation.

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